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NYC's Best Location for 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, 3D Printing Classes

3D Printing At Your Doorstep


3d heightsNative New Yorker Jerry Castanos is the founder and owner of 3D Heights. He opened the retail 3D printer store after a successful career in the military where he learned about cutting-edge 3D technology. Jerry earned several distinguished awards while serving in the U.S. Army and he brings that same passion and dedication to customers who visit 3D Heights in person and online, offering the latest 3D printers and scanners as well as classes in 3D technology.

At 3D Heights, we pride ourselves on customer service both before and after your purchase. Our support team has extensive experience working with 3D printers, so we can answer all of your questions in person or over the phone.

And as the only physical 3D printing store in New York City, 3D Heights allows customers to see, touch and try out 3D printers before purchases while enjoying the lowest prices allowed by the manufacturer.

3D Heights is a New York City Department of Education vendor. 3D Heights is also a Minority, Veteran owned business.


Why 3D Heights?WHY US?

When taking into consideration what other 3D printing services are out there, it’s easy to ask: why should I choose 3D Heights? What other stores give you are either limited access to actual 3D printing or limited access to your own designs. Sure, you can create a model on your computer and send it off to be printed, but where’s the fun in that? If you simply buy a 3D printer, most often you can be left feeling confused and disoriented about how such a contraption functions. We bring all the good aspects of these services and make them our own. We give the people access to everything that is needed, as well as in person support if requested. We want to make your 3D printing experience as good as possible and we desire nothing more than to make sure you can get all that you want at your leisure. Want to learn how to do it all? No problem. Classes will be offered frequently, in order to educate the public on innovative technologies that are constantly evolving every day.



Unlike big box store businesses, where customer can only see equipment or online retailer where customer can only order if they know how to design we allow people access to technology and services that would otherwise be unavailable to them personally. Rather than going to a big company to do all the work impersonally, we want to give you all the power without necessarily having to understand every aspect of 3D printing. With each new location that opens we will have a team of designers and technicians on staff in order to assist you with how you want to 3D print, 3D scan or 3D design as oppose to setting limitations. With this system in place, we are giving you all the power and choice without the strain.





Have a project in mind? Stop by, Email, or Call  for •4048 Broadway, NYC • 646.964.4208